An Interesting Email John had sent to Wired Magazine

June 4, 2013 // Drugs, John McAfee, USA

Just when everything seemed to be getting very quiet around here … John has posted an interesting email he sent to Wired Magazine back in October 2012 … he makes some pretty bold accusations against Joshua Davis.

Mr. Davis sank so low as to make an unsuccessful pass at my 17 year old daughter and had the gall to offer her an ounce of cocaine providing she would keep her mouth shut about it.




  1. This email was sent exactly one month before the murder.

  2. His Website admins just delete or add what they want.

    No balls!!

    JohnMcAfee says he stand up for people??
    Answer me u then.
    Why did u USE Sam and her lawyer uncle just to get out of Guatemala??? And leave them there KNOWING they will NEVER get a Tourist Visa to USA?????? Why??
    Sam and Amy are used by an old man as staged by him yes staged…cretin

    June 21, 2013 at 8:41 am
    A World June 21, 2013 at 7:44 am Reply

    John McAfee hides behind mods. No balls at all.
    Dumped his bitch that he USED to escape Belize and about to use and dump all. What a douche.

    June 21, 2013 at 7:39 am
    A totally sad old man chasing a high after his shit ass father beat the pus out of him and his mother! Then capped his sad ol ass.
    His highs are young prostitutes. How low can u go???
    Easy to see why John Mcafee failed as a businessman and sold out spooooooo early. Dipshit!!!!
    His life now shows how he is a drug addicted loser that can’t predict the future on any level.
    He dumped Sam and Amy!!!

  3. The so called EX MILLIONAIRE (read now broke and living off Internet based welfare) can NOT, can NOT, even afford to pay or pull strings with his so called contacts to sort 2 Visas for young girls as he promised a life and marriage to in the US!!

    He strung them along during his escape from Belize all the way to dumping them in Guetemala, then left them to fend for themselves to make their way to Honduras, where he yet again FAILED to live up to his PROMISE, to get them US Visas to be with him!


    Fwd this to the LIAR McAfee who uses Portland hookers, is doing Meth yet again, and lies and uses young women for his gain!!

    AND HAS NO BALLS TO REPLY TO ME AS I AM RIGHT!!! Just deletes my posts!

    Not a strong man.

    Used two ex prositutes from Belize now dumps them like trash. What a sad Man U r!!!

    • OK dude … you have said your rant.

      I do not know John McAfee, nor have I ever met him … and, your opinion does not seem to be very common.

      Nobody else has tried to post negative comments here about JM … including Sam or Amy.

      • I totally understand your pov Sir. Apologies for seeming offensive. Not intended, but you must surely understand that posts are censured on Mr I USE YOUNG GIRLS and ANYONE ELSE I CAN TO FURTHER MY GOALS McAfee.

        Am I wrong stating he used Amy and the so called love of his USED YOU NOW DUMP YOU life sammy?? Oh forgot! And also USED HER LAWYER UNCLE AND DUMPED HIM TOO after John the USER OF PEOPLE got on a plane to USA after SHITTING HIS PANTS he failed yet again, and was going to face the music in Belize!!!

        Luck break for him, but where did he LEAVE the people who helped him escape?????? Bet that won’t make the book or movie….

        So who is ranting???

        Sent Global with URLs and tags…

        • there is no music to face in Belize for JM … you are not seeing the big picture … the people who play the music, are the same people who killed GF.

  4. BTW. As we all know John the USER OF ALL PEOPLE is reading this but doesn’t have the balls to reply to my emails or posts!

    Not surprised as a so called man who used young prostitutes while he was there in Belize, then used them further when running like a bitch after the said deed!

    John McAfee if u r so omnipotent and soooo powerful with all these so called contacts, then PLEASE man up and reply or cut my access off!

    You can’t and you know you can’t!

    What “man” , which you are clearly not, leaves two former “lovers” to fend for themselves in yet another foreign country, after you USED THEM BOTH, and slunk away like a dog????

    Bet u don’t have the balls to reply….

    Ur Admin just deletes my posts on ur so called free speech Website.
    Akin to Belize GSU censuring no???????

  5. No balls to answer same as the user of people??

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