I know everyone wants to read John McAfee’s side of the story written in his own words … well, he just started an official blog  for that exact purpose today. You can listen to John McAfee declare his innocence in his own words.

I could not believe it when I came across John’s blog whoismcafee … as many already know I am writing this story not just because of how big it is … I also believe John McAfee is innocent and has not killed anyone … stay tuned for updates.

Tues. Nov. 20, 2012 … looks like John’s blog has picked up a fair amount of exposure. The story is now being reported by some major news sources such as CNN, the story is also run by Fox News, not to mention TIME, and across the pond at the BBC.

Tues. Nov. 27, 2012 – John McAfee Talks to Alex Jones and then later in the day he appears on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Fri. Nov. 30, 2012 – Wired writes an article about animation artist Chad Essley and his upcoming novel The HINTERLAND.

John appears live on CNBC … and his first CNBC Interview from Nov. 16th is HERE.

Dec. 1, 2012 – CNN travels into the jungle and meets face to face with John McAfee.

This guy who posted the below comment on John’s blog has an interesting take on life in Belize and offers some woulda, shoulda, coulda advice to John McAfee. He mentions that he was in a similar situation as John … all I can say is WOW!


Hi John,

I have been reading about your plight and asked Karen if I could get your email address to try to give you my point of view. I lived in Belize for 12 years, full time, with no other gringos around, and built a resort on an isolated island in the middle of the ocean without much help, so maybe you should listen to some of my advice for you. First of all, you are misinterpreting Belize. Nobody wants to kill you. You are worth more to everyone alive than dead. Belizean politicians are all money hungry and that is what they want. You made a huge mistake when you came to Belize by not laying low and being very low key. You gave away a bunch of money to the Coast Guard, bought police supplies, etc. and that is translated into their language as a guilty person, probably a narcotrafficker, trying to buy them off. It would have been perfect if you were a narcotrafficker and they would have let you keep doing that if you were and they would even have helped you in any way that they could. But you confused the issue by NOT giving to the party in power and then opening up your lab in the jungle and hiring gangsters to give you security. That sent very conflicting signals to them. They saw you as a narcotrafficker who was setting up shop right in front of their eyes and who did not want to play by the rules. They had to nail you at that point because you had paid them off before but were no longer paying them off, and you were definitely looking very suspicious to them.

Belizeans do not understand the concept of innocence. We are all guilty of something and they are less hypocritical about things than you are. They go straight to the heart of the matter and get down to business. If it walks like a duck and quacks like one, then it must be one. So you got the reputation right off the bat and then tried to pull a fast one in their mind by not paying off properly. In the US you had to pay off the IRS and lots of lawyers all the time just to stay safe. In Belize you will have to pay off two or three high ranking politicians and you can bargain with them. That is the beauty of Belize. If you come into the scene with lots of money and act rich, they will make you pay. What you actually should have done when you got to Belize is tell them that you wanted a bunch of government land titled over to you and also that you were going to be setting up a drug lab and that you needed protection. THEN hand over the money to them for their Coast Guard and police AFTER they give you something, Right off the bat they took you for a pendejo because you did not ask for anything in return. Then they figured that you got ballsy with them by setting things up on your own and not asking them for help and not paying them. That is the psychology of Belize, my friend.

The other thing that I would like to point out is that 30-40% of Belizean males smoke marijuana regularly and possibly 5-10% smoke rock cocaine regularly. The system is in place so that the marijuana grows down in Punta Gorda area and comes in imported from Peten, Guatemala and the coke comes from Colombian boats passing product through Belize to Mexico. This system benefits the country tremendously because it brings lots of cash to the country that would otherwise not be there. The drugs corridor of Belize is untouchable by both political parties and big players work and live in Belize and are full blooded Belizeans. In a way, they are the folk heroes of Belize, who every Belizean looks up to and wants to be like. How could you have confused everything out of all proportion by going against the entire culture? You are a guest in their country, John, and you must be brought to your senses. They are not going to get a paycheck from you to not sell drugs or to not do shady deals all their lives. You will come and go like the wind, but the drugs corridor has been paying off for almost 40 years now. Stop acting like a deranged republican and get with the program.

Lastly, your ways out are few now. I think your girlfriend hit the other gringo or, most likely, one of your bodyguards who was a gang banger probably did it thinking it would impress you and get you to pay him extra. That happened to me once out on the caye when we were building the resort. I had gotten into an argument with one of the workers and demoted him and he was going behind my back saying stupid things. So, while I was not on island, another worker decided to kill him, chop up his body with a machete, and burn the body to ashes. When I got back, I was told that he had gotten rid of the problem and I was showed the ashes. The dead worker was definitely dead and I was in a big problem because this guy was trying to extort me, saying that I had wanted it done. I got rid of him and kept to the shadows for a while and he eventually had to take off back to Honduras when the heat fell on him, but I will never forget his thought process and how much it resembles what may be happening to you.

But to get to the point, your two ways out that I can see are: 1. I have a friend with an ultralight who would fly it to a bush runway for you and he might let you take off to Guatemala in it if you wished and if he were properly reimbursed (reasonable, nothing extravagent). 2. I have another friend who is the brother to the current Minister of National Security and who can talk to his brother about terms for you to surrender. They will want money and so will the prime minister but as long as it was done properly, they would put you under their protection and make sure that no harm came to you. Then it would just be a matter of getting you a good lawyer (I would recommend Barrow’s ex-wife who takes all the high profile cases) and you would be out fairly quickly. I do not know how much the main players want. It probably depends on if you set up offshore trusts in Belize or some offshore accounts there that could be traced back to you. If you did that, then you can be sure that Barrow knows about them and how much you have and that number will be the upper limit where they start their negotiations from. You can bargain from there, but they have all the advantages over you in that process.

So, if you need any more advice or you actually do need some help in resolving your issues, feel free to contact me. I am not in any way associated with the Belizean government and I could not care less if they are all after you. It is a pirate’s game and you are in check right now and about to be checkmated. If you want to save your queen, then you need to shift your strategy. Reread The Art Of War and put things into the context of your current position. I do not mind being an ally in this, but I will want some publishing rights or something of that nature in the future if things work out for you in the future.

Best wishes

Steven Wilkins