Under suspicious circumstances … John McAfee’s Orange Walk compound in Belize … has burned to the ground.





During my research I quickly noticed that one of the World’s Most Dangerous Gangs … The Los Zetas are running drugs right past both of John McAfee’s two Estates, the oceanfront home on Ambergris Caye and his 20 acre compound in Orange Walk. The Zetas drug route is shown by The Washington Post  and here is another source reporting The Los Zetas smuggling routes through Belize.

Nov. 30, 2012 – John McAfee kindly acknowledges this blog on whoismcafee.com. When I had posted a comment on John’s blog, I was quite suprised that he replied.

He then posted this very nice note on the first page of his Thank you post

I have to admit, this story is mind boggling and getting bigger by the day … John McAfee has posted the below letter on his blog. When I first read the letter, I immediately wondered who Swon was and who the murdered Espat kids were. The two murdered Espat kids mentioned in the letter are cousins Charlie Espat and Eduardo Daniel Alamilla. The author of the letter seems to refer to either Eric Swan (a local gangster) who was once  shot by the Belize Police, or his close criminal cousin James ‘Raindrops’ Swan who was killed in a targeted hit just this past August.

It is too bad John McAfee did not reveal this information when it was actually happening and arranged to leave Belize for his own safety. It was the logical time to unearth the corruption and get the hell out of there. Unfortunately, Gregory Faull has now been murdered … and confirming that the letter was written before his murder is not going to be easy. Even though John says he hired an investigator to determine the author … the letter was purposely written to disguise the actual author’s handwriting … certain individual letters are purposely written to look different.

I could not believe what I was reading about John McAfee posting on a public forum about making Bath Salts under the user name stuffmonger … he even uploaded these pictures of his jungle lab and further on he outs himself by revealing the name of his website QuoremEx.com … he quickly notices his mistake and denies it is his site.

The forum he was posting on is called BlueLight and there is a thread started after this hit the news called John McAfee aka Stuffmonger wanted for Murder where they are discussing this case. Again this seems like deja vu from when I was writing about Luka Magnotta at LukaTrial.com

Since I discovered John McAfee’s blog where he is telling his side of the story … I want to add this screen shot below, taken from his blog showing his reply that the whole bluelight stuffmonger thing was part of a bet. As for his stating that posting on this drug forum was not real … the only way to furnish an opinion is to read it yourself.

This post by Joel Johnson on Gizmodo.com is worth breaking out the popcorn for.

Back on Thursday June 21, 2012 The Belize Times ran this article HERE where John McAfee calls Prime Minister Dean Barrow a liar.

This was posted by Gizmodo.com back on May 24, 2012 and outlines John McAfee being on the run after the Spring 2012 raid.

During my research, I noticed that the donations John McAfee made on Thurs. Nov. 8, 2012 to the San Pedro Police were on the very same day Jeff Wise was doing the first of his big articles about John McAfee. The generous donations were being reported by Ambergris Today and being discussed among locals at The AmbergrisCaye Forum the very next day … and this is just two days before Gregory Faull’s murder.


This post is about the May 2012 raid on John McAfee’s compound in Orange Walk Town Belize. Up to 42 heavily armed GSU and Belize police officers stormed John McAfee’s property. The San Pedro Sun reports about the apology John demanded for the invasion. The raid is also reported by Belize Channel 5.


And another write up about the May raid by the GSU is written by expat Ken Smith who blogs about expats worldwide. Strange how he has not written about the Nov. 10th murder next door to McAfee’s house.

John McAfee’s purpose of going to the jungle was his new business QuorumEx. He hired a beautiful chemist named Allison Adonizio to head up the studies.

Update Nov.21, 2012 – Dr Allison Adonizio has reported to the National Enquirer

McAfee initially hired her to conduct revo­lutionary research on developing antibiotics derived from jungle plants. But then he demanded that she refocus her efforts on developing a drug to boost a woman’s sex drive – like a female Viagra!

After two years of working for McAfee on the tropi­cal island of Ambergris Caye, Adonizio decided that she wanted to leave. When she told him her plan, she says McAfee flipped out and “lunged” at her. Terri­fied, she locked herself in a room and later fled the island. “My life was in danger there,” Adonizio said. “To tell the truth, I was lucky to escape alive.”