The Daily Mail is running a story titled … Now John McAfee faces $5m lawsuit over air crash death of businessman in Arizona after dramatic escape to U.S. The story is written by an unnamed Daily Mail reporter … sounds like Jeff Wise, speaking of Jeff, it didn’t take him long to chime in about John’s money.

aerotrekkingdeathWe are following along like everyone else while this story is written … we do not know what to believe at this point. However we truly hope Samantha ends up in the USA and is not returned to Belize.


In late 2006, John McAfee’s Aerotrekking Dream known as The Sky Gypsies took a tragic turn for the worse. His 22-year old nephew Joel Bitow was flying 61-year old passenger Robert Gilson and tragically veered into the side of a canyon wall killing both of them instantly. Mr. Gilson’s family launched a $5 million dollar lawsuit against McAfee, citing Bitow’s lack of piloting experience as the cause of the crash. There is speculation that this and the Lehman Investments triggered John’s downfall and led him to flee to Belize trying to avoid a judgement in the case.