Does John McAfee still face a $5Million Lawsuit over the 2006 Arizona Air Crash Death?


The Daily Mail is running a story titled … Now John McAfee faces $5m lawsuit over air crash death of businessman in Arizona after dramatic escape to U.S. The story is written by an unnamed Daily Mail reporter … sounds like Jeff Wise,┬áspeaking of Jeff, it didn’t take him long to chime in about John’s money.

aerotrekkingdeathWe are following along like everyone else while this story is written … we do not know what to believe at this point. However we truly hope Samantha ends up in the USA and is not returned to Belize.



  1. Don’t know what to believe??!! How is John responsible for the death of someone in an experimental aircraft? Flyer beware! The story says the lawyer said McAfee is greedy? I say the rotten no good bum lawyers are greedy! Can’t these leaches lay off McAfee for just a little?

  2. For someone who has dedicated an entire site to John McAfee, you have not done your homework very well.
    This is my biggest complaint about bloggers not being journalists. Most bloggers have no formal training in journalism and rarely do any fact checking.
    The case is online at:
    John McAfee is one of 27 defendants including the manufacturer of the vehicle. the suit has been going on for 4 years.
    Apparently, it was not John’s company, it was his hangar though, and the sport he popularized. Read the Fast Company article by Jeff Wise. It is clearly biased and there are many comments by John McAfee himself in the comments section.
    Available here:

  3. John McAfee has had many lawsuits, I am not listing them all in detail here, look them up if you want … dude, did you come here to just flame this blog?
    I already did a post on Fast Company … and yes these blogs are a hobby. Didn’t mean to offend you in case you were looking for World Class Journalism here.

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