Has John McAfee’s 25 day Desperate Run to Freedom come to an End?


BREAKING NEWSJohn McAfee has been given a chance to have his request to remain in Guatemala heard … the process could take anywhere from 1 to 3 months.

Rueters UK is reporting that during a telephone call they had with John McAfee from detention … John is quoted as wanting to return to the USA.

“I wish I could just pack my bags and go to Miami,” McAfee said. “I don’t think I fully understood the political situation. I’m an embarrassment to the Guatemalan government and I’m jeopardizing their relationship with Belize.”

whoismcafee.com is now releasing the evidence John has gathered outlining his precarious situation.

I believe what sent John McAfee to hospital yesterday was extreme anxiety over what his future holds. The situation he has found himself in must be over the top terrifying, knowing that if he is handed over to the Belizean authorities, they will most likely make him pay for the embarrassment his media campaign against them has caused.

Unfortunately, the penalty John McAfee may ultimately pay for his run to freedom? … serving a life sentence for Gregory Faull’s murder. When, truth be told … it was really John McAfee they meant to execute the night of Nov. 10th.

I am not trying to end this story on a sour note for John McAfee … I am hoping true justice will be served for Mr. Faull’s murder, and John gets to move on with his life.

Sorry for the sad post folks … I am still very much holding hope that John will be OK and find safety … because, I just don’t think John McAfee has killed anyone.

Back on Nov. 24th John posted about the Interview he gave while in hiding to Adam Thomson of The Financial Times. Well, Adam has finally released his interesting story called Four hours with John McAfee. Personally, I don’t think it does much to help John’s situation … more of a little story about how he secretly met up with John McAfee while on the run … at least Adam didn’t try to Rat John out.

There is another positive article written today by WorldMeets.us titled In John McAfee, Prime Minister Barrow may have ‘Met His Match’

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  1. I’m so sorry you have to endure this. I live in Finland. It’s suposedily a wellbeing country. Even in here, I would get suspicions and other demeaning ‘looks’ if I would be the opposite. It’s not an uncommon practice. I would like to give 5/5 to you, bit still, you’d have your fortune. So why didn’t you get asylum? If I were you, I woul’ve chosen a peaceful peace of land to live in. Like Finland. If you want to fight, then do it by example, not by hiding.

    I love you Mr. Mc.Afee, but I have my conclusions. You were too deep in the ‘shit’ you encountered. Now you have to pay for it, in a way or another. You’re a good man, with good will. It’s just….. You have money. They want some of it. No matter what.

    Now, of you’re really free (like I think you are), you should account yourself woth a reasonable people, let’s says Finland.

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