John McAfee appears on Fox News with Neil Cavuto


Thought I would create a post about John being interviewed by Neil Cavuto from Fox News.

Not to mention … pointing out the new website that has a terrific new look.

This interview is well worth checking out, and I gotta admit … John looks pretty damn good and he is well spoken answering some great questions.



  1. It’s no secret that a rich American is planning a private army invasion of Belize. Roberto Borge, Governor of Quintana Roo just met with a high level U.S. State Department official in Merida last month to discuss the issue of arms build-up along the Mexican/Belizean border in the Yucatan. He was waved off by the State Depaertment official in a dismissive manner. The U.S. must ber implicit in the impending invasion, and who else could this mysterious rich American be other than John McAfee.

    It’s unbelievable that the U.S. would back this clearly insane man in this dubiousn venture. Does anyone else have any more information than me? I know of it only through a close friend who is a member of the Borge familly.

  2. After watching NBC’s Dateline last night I am left with one image that I cannot shake. That of a tearful old man who lost his son to an assassin’s bullet. A man who may see no justice for his son because some cowardly, self-obsessed Silicon Valley millionaire refuses to stay and answer some questions about the situations that occurred. Instead fleeing the town and going on some childish hide and seek flight that was guaranteed to make him look guilty. Personally, I don’t feel you have it in you to kill someone. I find it more likely that one of your armed enforcers took that upon themselves with or without your knowledge. The only honorable thing to do would be to face the situation head on and clear this up and give justice for a fellow American.

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