John McAfee Finally Dumps those Dudes from Vice Magazine

December 11, 2012 // Arrested, John McAfee

Who didn’t see this TrainWreck coming?


I have been writing for a while about how it looked like VICE Magazine threw John under the bus trying to catch the Big Story. Now John is talking about lawsuits over leaking the EXIF data that led to his capture. Yesterday we had VICE making their statement trying to distance themselves a bit from the photo leak … today, John was posting about how honest VICE was going to be when they release the story … everything was coming together nicely.

BOOM … John removes the post about VICE Magazine releasing the story, and replaces it with McAfee Terminates Relationship with Vice Magazine.

BREAKING – Sky News is reporting that John could be released as early as today.

John’s Blog has just posted An Open Letter to the Family and Friends of Mr. Faull.

We might as well call this the VICE post I was going to do … it seems to have started out the way I was thinking. More from VICE will be posted soon.


  1. Great news for Mr. McAfee! It seems his lawyer must’ve really worked some magic!
    P.S. I think he married Sam too. Awwww… Happy ending?

    • It is good news … IMO, the article from Sky News where they quote John … “He told Jeff Randall that he is “100% certain” he will soon be heading for America”. This tells me that maybe John has struck a deal to get out of this mess.

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