John McAfee has Changed his Plea to Tourists … Do Not Boycott Belize!

December 10, 2012 // John McAfee

Earlier John McAfee was urging people to Boycott Belize to help fight corruption affecting everyone living in Belize. It seems John has been speaking with the Belizean Authorities? A new change of strategy has been posted called  A Plea from John.

It seems strange that he is now encouraging folks to leave the safety of the beautiful resorts of Belize and venture into areas like Orange Walk Town … on that note, do not forget to read John McAfee’s Travel Guide that he earlier posted to warn people about travelling through the interior of Belize. Also keep in mind, the stories like what happened to Suzan Boutz when she was travelling the interior of Belize. And finally the most important advice … do not forget to have your Cash Documentation handy.

VICE Magazine has now posted Our Official Statement on the John McAfee Saga, stay tuned … more to come from VICE.


  1. Very disappointing …….. although you cannot blame someone for trying to save his ass. Too bad many many poor and helpless Belizean’s will suffer to save one ass. And you right. Either he is talking to the Belizean authorities or he now realizes the only shot he has is to back off.

    • It does seem to reflect self preservation … I don’t think John meant to become a martyr in this … he is grasping at anything that might lead to his survival, and I don’t blame him … his life is on the line.

      • In the country of beizle.politicians NEVER go to jail.they make the laws of beizle,they know how to make them in such a way,they can never be cought stealing.after all,they are lawyers,crooks,master minds of grand design,this beizleans criminals with a law degree are the LUCIFERS fallen angels in the flesh,they have eyes,but cant see the suffering beizle live everyday,they have ears,but they cant hear the cry of poor beizleans for justice,good health care,good roads,

  2. What’s with the picture of the police check point? What statement are you trying to make? These check points are for multiple reasons, mostly to catch illegal aliens, unregistered vehicles and vehicles without insurance. They’ve been a fact of life in BZ forever. I think that if John has some real facts about BZ GOB/police corruption he should publish it. So far his credibility suffers from a lack of factual support. A couple guys trying to shake him down. A politician looking for contributions. Where’s the demand for a quid pro quo? Also, BZ is not really poor by Latin American standards. There way of living might not be up to our standards, like them not painting their houses but there is little disease or hunger, with the exception of self inflicted diseases like AIDS and alcoholism. Almost everything John says conflicts with other staements. He hates alcohol but owns a bar. He refuses to leave BZ and now he refuses to return. He says he won’t go back to the US and gets thrown in detention (belive me where he is is no GT jail. Now he demands to be sent to US even though US has no responsibility for his actions in BZ or GT. He’s a man of the people now but was never that before. Talk about sex traffic and children, just how old were his six girl friends? He seems to live one big lie. Corruption in BZ and all over Latin America is nothing new. All of a sudden John is determined to wipe it out by us doing it for him. He never tried to do it himself before his misadventure. He was told not to try and hurt BZ’s tourist industry but he did it and now even renegged on his earlier pledges. Is the lies, deceit, misrepresentations and hippocracy really just an attempt to convince a future court he is indeed insane?

    • The picture of the police checkpoint? … that is where, even if you are legally travelling through the country … you get to show the police your Cash Documentation.

  3. I may have missed more on this somewhere, but I would really like someone to look into Sam’s Facebook page which claims she is from Columbus, Mississippi. I was surprised by a commenter mentioning this on his blog last week, and sure enough, that is what is on her Facebook page. Makes no sense, and makes one question other statements. Is she the waif who grew up in poverty in Belize or not?

    • Sam’s Facebook page shows she is from Orange Walk Belize.

      Check it out
      it even says she is in a relationship with McAfee.

      • I’m not and I won’t be arguing with that. Simply bceause I haven’t visited any of the famous Belizean islands. An American whom I mentioned in the post went snorkeling there and was trying to persuade us to come with him and not staying in Belize City. But we had other plans. But Belize, like any other country, has this other side of the coin, which is (IMHO) worth mentioning. It is rather poor country with poor people living there. Most of the travel guides warn travelers that is also dangerous. Even hotel staff started a conversation with safety issues. At first glance it seems natural that poor areas are more dangerous than the rich ones. But during our stay we did not feel that we were in danger. Additionally I wanted to catch and feel local atmosphere. Something you can’t do on the island. And last but not least if I wanted to advertise Belize I would mention about jaguar reserve in the first place, with people and local atmosphere in second and beaches in third place.

    • New Hope Highschool is a Christian School in Belize as well.
      ( I copied/paste this, which I found on the web)

      Belize 2004 – New Hope Student Body – Pets – WebShots
      Mar 6, 2004 – Candid photos of the Student Body of New Hope High School. New Hope is a Christian School being built in the town of Orange Walk, Belize …

      It could very well be that she just put the name in and since I’m almost possitive that the school in Belize doesn’t have a Facebook page she just hit the first one as her option. I’m sure she didn’t think it would be a subject of speculation. But then again.

      • Happy to see you still have Belize on your mind and still have many happy memories to feed off. I saw Scott while I was there, he popepd by the house for an hour or so. He told me how much he enjoyed going up to Oregon to spend time with you. As for my residency it’s a total mess, as they have lost all my paperwork and I’m now starting over at least I didn’t give anyone any money, but I’m still pissed off, but not all that surprised .it is Belize after all!!!I was planning on heading back down on September 11th but now have a business trip I can not get out of to Boulder from Sept 14-17th, but once back I’ll see if I can book a trip down asap .or I might wait and take my wife for a quick trip in October for our 30th anniversary, 30 years, I can’t believe how fast its gone bye. She has already planned a real trip for it but not until next May with an Western Mediterranean cruise for 15 days, so Belize will just be an excuse for a trip to where I really want to be. Take good care of yourself.

  4. It also says she went to high school in Columbus, Mississippi, USA. I did not want to ask about this on the blog. I have tremendous respect for her courage. Just curious, that’s all.

  5. Sorry, I did not see the previous comment in total before I wrote. I noticed that also and am surprised that no one else has either seen it or commented.

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