“He Sounded Genuinely Unhinged”

November 21, 2012 // Drugs, Interview, John McAfee

The last entry I posted was about John McAfee’s new blog where he has mounted a campaign to tell his side of the story. In this post you will hear the actual phone calls John McAfee made to Joshua Davis at 3am.

Quoted from the article …

“Chris Allnatt woke up to watch a soccer match and was astounded to find McAfee on his balcony. He opened the glass door and noticed that McAfee was lying in a pool of his own urine. His clothes were soaked. “What the fuck are you doing here, John?” 

“Allnatt returned to clean the urine off his balcony and discovered a small plastic bag of a gray powder hidden behind a pot near where McAfee was lying.”

The actual phone calls you can listen to HERE and HERE … it is now 10 days into this murder case … my instinct tells me something is going to break soon.

Chris Allnatt posts his public reaction to the incident on the AmbergrisCaye forum.

Update from John’s blog … similar to the explanation on his stuffmonger postings, he said it was some big elaborate hoax. Listening for yourself is sure to bring skepticism. As far as I am concerned, they both seem incredibly real and are worthy of an Oscar if they are fabricated. Either of these events do not implicate John McAfee for the murder of Gregory Faull … however it does make perfect sense that he would want to minimize these incidents, because as things stand … both seem very real.


  1. Let’s take inventory of some of the drama: GSU raid for a meth lab, stuffmonger post on bluelight, seeing tree cops at Capt. Morgans and not moving for several hours, waking up on Chris Allnatt’s balcony.

    With respect to those things, you can believe either:

    1) Mcaffee’s explanations: GSU raid was because he didn’t pay off local politicians, stuffmonger was a “bet”, tree-cops (aka unhinged calls) was “acting” to dupe a reporter he disliked, the balcony-crashing was revenge for a bad real-estate deal, etc.

    or you can believe:

    2) he is (or was) manufacturing and abusing some kind of substance that makes him hallucinate and paranoid.

    Occam’s razor says that the second, simpler explanation is more likely.

    • Thank you for the reply … you are not alone in your thoughts, I am sure others are thinking exactly the same … John is going to have a hard time convincing these incidents were done as a hoax. They just seem too real.

  2. Even more evidence today supporting explanation 2 above. John has admitted to dealing/using drugs in his past, on today’s blog entry: http://www.whoismcafee.com/the-travel-guide/

  3. If you did your homework and read about his history, you would not only know about his drug and alcohol use but also of his recovery from it.

    This blog is just a rehashing of the media peppered with some of what McAfee is saying. Someone else trying to use this story for their own gain.

    • I have not come across any stories written about his recovery … feel free to link them here.
      If he did overcome addiction at one point … these stories seem to indicate a relapse.

  4. You’ve done a good job documenting this story. One question, and I may have missed something, but the realtor who found him on the balcony said there were four security guards on duty. In that case, how could someone – anyone – get on his balcony without his knowledge? That just doesn’t make sense. Does it?

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