John McAfee Hospitalized in Guatemala after Asylum Denied

December 6, 2012 // Arrested, Guatemala, Innocent, John McAfee

We are not sure what is going on yet, The Daily Mail is reporting that John has been transferred to a prison hospital with heart attack symptoms, it has also been posted on John’s blog … we are hoping this is not too serious, and maybe just exhaustion.

Update – The Daily Mail is now reporting that John McAfee has not suffered a heart attack and he has been returned to detention awaiting his pending deportation.

After hearing the devastating news that his bid for political asylum had been rejected, John McAfee told The Associated Press that he had suffered chest pains overnight but didn’t believe he had suffered a heart attack. A government doctor who examined him agreed, saying McAfee’s heart rhythm and blood pressure were normal, and that he appeared to be suffering from high stress.


  1. The link to the McAfee blog is dead. 404 error.

    • the post has been removed from John’s blog … you can see by the URL that it used to be there. It is the same as the three posts that were deleted from John’s blog on Dec.4th. Some posts and comments just get deleted from time to time … I am not sure the reason, other than some unknown glitch they say causes it.

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