John McAfee is Confident he will Not be Charged with Greg Faull’s Murder

December 14, 2012 // Innocent, Interview, John McAfee, USA


The interview John McAfee gave to CNBC News today, is one of the best John has given since he hit South Beach. Some of the questions he answered were …

Was this all just a hoax? – “I do love hoaxes … I did a hoax on bath salts once.”

What about John’s thoughts on bath salts? – “Bath salts are used by people that don’t have a lot of money that make them want to eat people’s faces. If I decided to start using drugs again, I have the resources to use good drugs.”

Despite John’s supposed history with alcohol & drug abuse, “I don’t drink or associate with people who drink.” He also said he does not hire people who drink.

He was asked about all the guns? – “It’s certainly accurate that I had guns and lots of guns but they were in the hands of my security guards. I live in a country, sir that has the highest murder rate in the world, check it out on the internet.”

Asked how much money he is worth? – well, he is not quite sure, his accountant would have a better idea … however, he says it is less than 5 million dollars.

Asked whether he’d start a business again? – “Making money is easy. Any idiot can make money, it’s keeping it that’s the hard part.”

And finally … the best photos of John McAfee taken since he arrived in Miami.



  1. Father of victim in case involving John McAfee tells his side to Times-Union:

  2. Is this a direct quote? Written in third person and missing half of a set of quotation marks:
    Asked how much money he is worth? – “well, he is not quite sure…

  3. The URL to the story requires you to be registered.
    I had read that the parents had left 2 days before the murder. They claimed to have never heard of John McAfee and walked past his house but did not know whose house it was.
    They don’t mention anything about dogs or security guards with guns.

    Which is not surprising since Mr.McAfee had fired all his securiy guards and replaced them with a single one, Mr. Mulligan. I also read that when his parents went back a week later, they were being guarded by a guy with a machine gun. Why did they feel they needed such extreme protection?

    Oh and the quote is not direct, he does state he has no idea how much he is worth, ask his accountant. If that seems difficult to believe, do you know offhand how much you are worth? i personally do not. I know roughly how much cash I have but not my non-liquid assets.

  4. How Mcafee is spending his time in South Beach.

  5. Gabrielle, thanks for the link! That’s a really great article with a lot of insight into the real McAfee.

  6. I was able to read the entire article using the eEdition. (I do not have a paid membership.)

  7. I don’t think that Mcafee murdered his neighbor however, he surrounded himself with alot of very dangerous people and created his own situation, I believe. I think it would have been dangerous to live near him after reading all that I have read.

    I have been a supporter in him from day one, folowed his blog,even posted to the President of Guatemala’s Facebook page among many other letters written in support of his friends in jail, to allow him to enter the US, etc. The problem I am now having is this. He may be actually persecuted and certainly in danger for his life if returning to Belize, if not from the government but also now from anyone who relies on tourism. However, he has been deceiving the press, his readers and supporters from the beginning and we have all fallen for it. The number of inconsistencies in all his stories could fill a book and cannot be detailed in a comment section on a blog however, I just give the latest examples.

    People with little money were offering to set up PayPal accounts, bank funds, wire transfers, they offered their homes, their cars and their hearts all the while he is ordering $400 worth of suishi, shopping and enjoying South Beach to the fullest.

    He has mislead and lied about most things on his blog, in his own admission, to protect himself. I think at this point that he just amuses himself with how gullible people can be and it is a game whether he can convince us or not.

    His last post saying he is sorry not to be in contact but he was staying out of the public eye to respect the victims of the Sandy Hook School shootings. That is very nice but he was out of contact days before that happened..Chad said he was traveling with little internet.

    So he was, but not now, begging people to help him get his girlfriend Sam and his ex girlfriend, Amy (who tried to kill him several times (exactly what we need more of in the US) to the US and out of Guatemala. He says he loves her and wants to marry her. See this article today from the Daily Mail. Photos of John still enjoying South Beach taking a romantic walk arm and arm with yet another woman. There is nothing wrong with a man who loves women. This is just another major inconsitency. How to believe and support someone who lies and minipulates. How can you distinguish truth from fiction?

    Where is Sam? What happened to his friends? What is going on with the investigation in Belize? So many things he has just dropped. It seems he is enjoying his new life with plenty of money probably advanced from the media company who bought the rights to his life story. He really knew what his was doing, right down to the fake heartattack. Sorry but I am obviously frustrated and feel duped.

    • Great comment Gabrielle … I am sure you are not alone in your thoughts. I have a feeling this story is far from over.

    • Gabrielle, I couldn’t have said it better! Your comment is exactly what I think as well, right down to being bothered by the $400 sushi lunch. I don’t know why, but I was quite shocked to see the pics of McAfee brazenly flaunting a new woman on his arm in Miami.

  8. Chad says that John explained that this woman was the sister-in-law of his second ex- wife. Perhaps, but the point is that he is now in the public eye begging for credibity and for people to believe in him. This is not a smart move, knowing that the press follows him everywhere, when he has professed his dying love and dedication to Sam. Just saying…. Perception, right or wrong, is everything in this world today. A fact of life sadly. I don’t like to judge others and how they lead their life unless they drag me into it..he has dragged many into his . It is difficult not to question.

    He no longer accepts my comments on his blog even if I have been a supporter from the beginning. You may notice that there are not many of those left when reading current comments. He doesn’t seem to like the hard questions but then again he has stopped commenting, He now just censors.

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