John McAfee is in South Beach with No Phone, No Money and No Contact Info

December 13, 2012 // John McAfee, USA

They have removed the “I am in South Beach” post from John’s blog and have now posted a Message to the Media asking people to respect John’s privacy and to not come to the Hotel. Trying to hide the name of The Beacon Hotel is a moot point now, as it has been reported nationwide that John is there, from The Miami Herald on the east coast to The Los Angeles Times on the west coast, not to mention on CNN too.


Below is the dramatic first post John made after he took a taxi from the airport to The Beacon Hotel. The original post has since been removed from his blog.



  1. To whoever is running this Blog…I hope you were able to save every post John made and every blog page that was removed from HIS blog! If you can repost all of the information they deleted…your blog will quickly be the one everyone can go to for the WHOLE truth and nothing but the TRUTH. John has already admitted that most of this was just a publicity stunt. If he used that blog to escape murder charges…then THIS blog will be the smoking gun…because it will have ALL of his words…not just what he wanted to portray.

    • Thank you Nick … we are doing what we can, the story will be told here as it unfolds. We are still hoping to write that Gregory Faull has found justice.

  2. Vice should be commended for trying to capture a murderer then huh?

  3. Nick you’re delusional – McAfee was never charged with murder- Please check your facts before posting! Belize wanted to question John in connection with the murder since he was the closest neighbor but John fled because of concern for state sanctioned assassination which Belize is know for.

  4. Unless he becomes invisible, the US government will allow John McAfee to be extradited to Belize. On arrival at the airport he will be “shot while trying to escape”. (His fame and notoriety will not protect him – remember Benigno Aquino?)

  5. @ FRED -” John fled because of concern for state sanctioned assassination which Belize is know for.” How can that be a fact? What the “FUCT” are you talking about?

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