John McAfee reports Belize is aiding Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda Terrorists


Well, John has certainly come out with the big story now … he has been working the past several months like a secret James Bond, gathering information about Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda Terrorists, The Los Zetas Drug Cartel, and the fact that Prime Minister Dean Barrow directly ordered the execution of local gangster Arthur Young. He says he has done all this with phone taps and secret undercover spies that he has working for him.

You must read this¬†… John McAfee is basically saying, the Belize Government is helping Terrorists enter the USA … and Mr. Dean Barrow knows all about it.


Below is a sample of John McAfee’s¬†post on Terrorism direct from his blog.


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  1. Yes, John is my best colleague. Our Majesty will honor him soon, but this is still top-secret.

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