John McAfee walked away from $20 million in Belize and now he is Broke

December 13, 2012 // John McAfee, USA

According to the report coming from ABC News, John McAfee has told everyone that he walked away from $20 million in Belize and is actually now broke. I posted just yesterday that I thought he was not at The Beacon Hotel and it was probably just more John McAfee deception. He is indeed at The Beacon with a stack of crisp five dollar bills a friend dropped off for him that he flashed for the reporter. It seems that one of the major roles in this saga is deception. The report coming from CNN is that John McAfee faked the heart attack last week to further delay his deportation to Belize.

beaconandbrokeThe Daily Mail is also reporting about John McAfee being broke and faking the heart attack. Below John is posing with some fans he found in South Beach.


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  1. Watch out Sam…looks like John found himself a new honey!

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