We have heard that Warner Bros. has signed a deal to turn the Joshua Davis eBook into a movie. Currently John McAfee has decided to settle in Portland Oregon for the next 18 months and work with Chad Essely on his graphic novel. He has been giving many interviews since driving to Oregon in a pickup truck from Miami, such as the one where he goes on to say … The more ugly the woman, the better the sex. … and then there is the Bloomberg interview he recently posted to his blog whoismcafee.

In another interview John gave to KATU.com … reporter Emily Sinovic asks if he feels safe living in Portland Oregon?

If anybody is after me, it will be the Zeta cartel, Hezbollah. I can’t imagine Hezbollah showing up in Portland without being noticed. I mean, this doesn’t look like a place where they would fit in. Or maybe they would. I do not know. And I’m farther away from any other place in America from where the problem is.


Chad Essley sat down with Mary Emily O’Hara for an Interview and told her … he saw a potential wealthy client. So he pitched a Web animation proposal to a man whose identity he didn’t know beyond a screen handle.

The reply from the man on the message board? “‘Sure, do it,’” Essley recalls. “Then he immediately wired me $5,000. All of it. Up front. That’s when I realized who he was.”

The mystery client was John McAfee.


The Alex Jones Interview John McAfee gave is truly fascinating (starts at the 48:40 mark) … John goes on to say, that for the past three months he has employed two operatives that have infiltrated a Hezbollah Terrorist camp in Nicaragua who are manufacturing tons of Ricin that is destined for a major attack on USA soil. He has also placed three people who have gathered information from the Los Zetas Cartel about working with Hezbollah in trading weapons for access to drug routes. He says the Terrorists are using the drug routes for moving the Ricin … he claims the CIA must know about this. He says the pending Terrorist Attack will be much worse than 9-11.

Wow … just when I thought this story had revealed enough drama … it has now developed into the corrupt Belize Government aiding Hezbollah with planning Terrorist Attacks against The United States … using the deadly toxin Ricin.


I am sure we will hear more about the information John is revealing … this story has now taken on a much bigger plot than just the raid on McAfee’s jungle compound and the murder of Gregory Faull. I would predict that one of the next interviews John McAfee gives … will be with The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Well, John has certainly come out with the big story now … he has been working the past several months like a secret James Bond, gathering information about Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda Terrorists, The Los Zetas Drug Cartel, and the fact that Prime Minister Dean Barrow directly ordered the execution of local gangster Arthur Young. He says he has done all this with phone taps and secret undercover spies that he has working for him.

You must read this … John McAfee is basically saying, the Belize Government is helping Terrorists enter the USA … and Mr. Dean Barrow knows all about it.


Below is a sample of John McAfee’s post on Terrorism direct from his blog.


Merry Christmas to all … I have been taking a break from the internet while celebrating the holidays … however, John is posting on whoismcafee the interesting story of how he and Samantha were able to escape into Guatemala.


Joshua Davis has written what seems like the story he was working on when Greg Faull was murdered. If you are following the John McAfee story … this is a good read.

Twelve weeks before the murder, John McAfee flicks open the cylinder of his Smith & Wesson revolver and empties the bullets, letting them clatter onto the table between us. A few tumble to the floor … read the full story HERE.



The interview John McAfee gave to CNBC News today, is one of the best John has given since he hit South Beach. Some of the questions he answered were …

Was this all just a hoax? – “I do love hoaxes … I did a hoax on bath salts once.”

What about John’s thoughts on bath salts? – “Bath salts are used by people that don’t have a lot of money that make them want to eat people’s faces. If I decided to start using drugs again, I have the resources to use good drugs.”

Despite John’s supposed history with alcohol & drug abuse, “I don’t drink or associate with people who drink.” He also said he does not hire people who drink.

He was asked about all the guns? – “It’s certainly accurate that I had guns and lots of guns but they were in the hands of my security guards. I live in a country, sir that has the highest murder rate in the world, check it out on the internet.”

Asked how much money he is worth? – well, he is not quite sure, his accountant would have a better idea … however, he says it is less than 5 million dollars.

Asked whether he’d start a business again? – “Making money is easy. Any idiot can make money, it’s keeping it that’s the hard part.”

And finally … the best photos of John McAfee taken since he arrived in Miami.


After watching all the news coverage about John McAfee in South Beach … he seems to be standing pat and working on the release of Sam and Amy. The media is reporting that the Belize authorities still want to question John about the murder of Greg Faull. However US authorities are saying John McAfee is not wanted for any crime and is free to carry on with his life. I am sure he is working to help get Sam into the USA.

This unbelievable story has been quite the journey so far … almost surreal, and Mr. John McAfee is likely working on the next chapter right now.




The Daily Mail is running a story titled … Now John McAfee faces $5m lawsuit over air crash death of businessman in Arizona after dramatic escape to U.S. The story is written by an unnamed Daily Mail reporter … sounds like Jeff Wise, speaking of Jeff, it didn’t take him long to chime in about John’s money.

aerotrekkingdeathWe are following along like everyone else while this story is written … we do not know what to believe at this point. However we truly hope Samantha ends up in the USA and is not returned to Belize.


According to the report coming from ABC News, John McAfee has told everyone that he walked away from $20 million in Belize and is actually now broke. I posted just yesterday that I thought he was not at The Beacon Hotel and it was probably just more John McAfee deception. He is indeed at The Beacon with a stack of crisp five dollar bills a friend dropped off for him that he flashed for the reporter. It seems that one of the major roles in this saga is deception. The report coming from CNN is that John McAfee faked the heart attack last week to further delay his deportation to Belize.

beaconandbrokeThe Daily Mail is also reporting about John McAfee being broke and faking the heart attack. Below John is posing with some fans he found in South Beach.