Quorum Sensing – QuorumEx.com and Dr. Allison Adonizio


John McAfee’s purpose of going to the jungle was his new business QuorumEx. He hired a beautiful chemist named Allison Adonizio to head up the studies.

Update Nov.21, 2012 – Dr Allison Adonizio has reported to the National Enquirer

McAfee initially hired her to conduct revo­lutionary research on developing antibiotics derived from jungle plants. But then he demanded that she refocus her efforts on developing a drug to boost a woman’s sex drive – like a female Viagra!

After two years of working for McAfee on the tropi­cal island of Ambergris Caye, Adonizio decided that she wanted to leave. When she told him her plan, she says McAfee flipped out and “lunged” at her. Terri­fied, she locked herself in a room and later fled the island. “My life was in danger there,” Adonizio said. “To tell the truth, I was lucky to escape alive.”


  1. Your continued blkogging of half-truths and sensationalism continues to astound me.

    You act like such a fan boi on Mr. McAfee’s blog, yet here you cannot even get your facts straight. That national Enquirer article borders on libelous. The business Quorumex was created after John McAfee met Dr Adonzio. It was her research. He built the lab for her.

    • Thank you … the goal is not to astound you … just putting the story out there. What are these McAfee facts you are talking about? Feel free to link any actual facts you have uncovered about John here on this blog. In the research we have found about John, not much can be verified as fact. There is a lot reported about him, whether it is fact or not? … judge for yourself. The article you refer to about Adonizio in the Enquirer, she has told that same story to several media outlets. Whether she is lying or John is lying … again, you have to judge for yourself. I did not write this story as a fan, it was written because as you state, it is sensational. I personally do not think John killed Greg Faull. As for the stuffmonger postings … who knows?

  2. Fact:
    QuorumEx and John’s fascination with anti-Quorum sensing happened after he met Dr. Adonzio not before as you have stated. She has attested to that in many articles written before Mr. Faull’s murder.

    The lab was on the mainland in Orange Walk, not Amergris Caye. Though some of the business was located on Ambergris Caye.

    The rest is all perception, conjecture and hearsay. And who is this “we” you speak of? It is just you, regurgitating what other’s have written. This is exactly the type of thing that Mr. McAfee loves to toy with people for. He likes the attention though and your distribution is not high enough for him to comment here directly.
    Read the Fast Company article that was supposed to be about QuorumEx but ended up being a biased “personality piece”.

  3. We’ve read about QuorumEx and Fast Company … the “We” is us.

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