John McAfee’s purpose of going to the jungle was his new business QuorumEx. He hired a beautiful chemist named Allison Adonizio to head up the studies.

Update Nov.21, 2012 – Dr Allison Adonizio has reported to the National Enquirer

McAfee initially hired her to conduct revo­lutionary research on developing antibiotics derived from jungle plants. But then he demanded that she refocus her efforts on developing a drug to boost a woman’s sex drive – like a female Viagra!

After two years of working for McAfee on the tropi­cal island of Ambergris Caye, Adonizio decided that she wanted to leave. When she told him her plan, she says McAfee flipped out and “lunged” at her. Terri­fied, she locked herself in a room and later fled the island. “My life was in danger there,” Adonizio said. “To tell the truth, I was lucky to escape alive.”