Well, unless they sent Bart and Homer Simpson along to manage the security of John’s whereabouts, I can’t help but wonder, did VICE Magazine deliberately release the EXIF data hoping to catch the big story of John’s capture? One thing that jumped out from their story yesterday with the EXIF data on the photo was when they wrote “Rocco and Robert will continue to follow John until the conclusion of his journey” – Was the conclusion supposed to be John’s capture and the EXIF data leak part of the sequence? We are still waiting to hear officially what John’s interview with VICE editor-in-chief Rocco Castoro is going to be like. These guys from VICE.com are supposed to be a big league website, however, I have to question their choice of heading to break the story, We are with John McAfee right now, Suckers … it sounds a bit immature, and their earlier article on John is also not very flattering. Either they tried to get John caught by purposely releasing the EXIF or they were extremely lucky not to have been killed in Syria while leaving a trail of data across an active war zone. For now it seems they get a pass on this blunder (what choice did John have after the leak), but seriously … how does a magazine like VICE upload that data?

Yesterday John was apologizing on his blog to VICE Magazine for manipulating the EXIF data on the story photo. I am not really sure what is going on here because they have REMOVED the whole apology post and hundreds of comments that were posted to his blog. He has now admitted the real EXIF data was released by an unseasoned technician at VICE. Today he is now posting on his blog that he and Sam are indeed in Guatemala. I am sure John has since left the area of Rio Dulce revealed on the EXIF data. However, he should also ditch these dudes from VICE … they are going to get him killed … I hope John sees what I see in this VICE Job … forgetting to remove that EXIF data is not likely, because even Homer Simpson would have removed it.

Monday Dec. 3 – The twin McAfee haters Gizmodo.com and Wired.com are now reporting that VICE left data on the photo and are giddy like school kids, hoping John gets caught. … going with my hunch again … I’m not buying into any of this shit.


Today Tues. Dec. 4, 2012 – VICE Magazine is reporting that John has hired top notch Guatemalan lawyer and former Attorney General Telésforo Guerra. This man has an excellent reputation and just happens to be Sam’s uncle. With that being said … I still think it is a good idea for John to go even deeper into hiding and lose all these media hounds that are only looking to break the story of John McAfee’s capture.

Well after a tough 3 weeks, things are looking better for John McAfee … below is a screen shot from his latest post The New Fight. … good luck John and get some rest.

This post by Joel Johnson on Gizmodo.com is worth breaking out the popcorn for.

Back on Thursday June 21, 2012 The Belize Times ran this article HERE where John McAfee calls Prime Minister Dean Barrow a liar.

The CBS video interview Jeff Wise gives on Gizmodo.com. This begins his media tour.

Update Dec.6, 2012 – Jeff posts again to his blog, almost sounding as if the outcome he wants to see is John McAfee, Captured, Faces Life in Belize Prison.

Update Dec.9, 2012 – Jeff is on a roll and writes a big article for The New York Times.

This guy is a one man McAfee wrecking ball.

Back in April and May of 2010, Jeff Wise of Fast Company was writing extensively about McAfee and the possibility he was not being truthful about his financial demise and was actually looking to avoid the situation surrounding the aviation deaths caused by his company The Sky Gypsies. Jeff actually went to Belize to interview John McAfee then goes on to write the following article called Plagued by Lawsuits, McAfee Founder Hunts for Cures. There are a lot of actual comments from John McAfee and is worth reading if you are interested in this case, such as him declaring he is anti-drugs and has been sober for 31 years.

I am still trying to figure out the connection Jeff Wise has with McAfee as John writes in the comments, he considers him a friend. From what I am reading in the writings of Jeff Wise at Gizmodo … They don’t seem to be friends anymore.

This was posted by Gizmodo.com back on May 24, 2012 and outlines John McAfee being on the run after the Spring 2012 raid.

This Gizmodo.com story from Jeff Wise who has known John McAfee for five years is all about John being the murder suspect. Mr. Wise seems to really have it in for John McAfee, going back to before April 2010. Jeff’ had just posted to his blog on Nov. 9th calling John McAfee a psychopath … go figure, one day before the murder.

This post on Jeff Wise’s personal blog was done on Friday November 9th 2012 … yes, one day before the murder.

This story by  Jeff Wise at Gizmodo.com was written November 8, 2012 … the same day John McAfee made a large donation to the San Pedro police … only two days before the murder.