Jeff Wise posted to his blog that John McAfee had revealed his whereabouts … and that just happens to be his beachfront home on Ambergris Caye. Jeff decided to check with the police himself, so he called them …

UPDATE 10.12am Saturday 11/17/12: I called Belize police spokesman Raphael Martinez this morning, and he said that he would check with the San Pedro police.


The CBS video interview Jeff Wise gives on This begins his media tour.

Update Dec.6, 2012 – Jeff posts again to his blog, almost sounding as if the outcome he wants to see is John McAfee, Captured, Faces Life in Belize Prison.

Update Dec.9, 2012 – Jeff is on a roll and writes a big article for The New York Times.

This guy is a one man McAfee wrecking ball.

Back in April and May of 2010, Jeff Wise of Fast Company was writing extensively about McAfee and the possibility he was not being truthful about his financial demise and was actually looking to avoid the situation surrounding the aviation deaths caused by his company The Sky Gypsies. Jeff actually went to Belize to interview John McAfee then goes on to write the following article called Plagued by Lawsuits, McAfee Founder Hunts for Cures. There are a lot of actual comments from John McAfee and is worth reading if you are interested in this case, such as him declaring he is anti-drugs and has been sober for 31 years.

I am still trying to figure out the connection Jeff Wise has with McAfee as John writes in the comments, he considers him a friend. From what I am reading in the writings of Jeff Wise at Gizmodo … They don’t seem to be friends anymore.

This story from Jeff Wise who has known John McAfee for five years is all about John being the murder suspect. Mr. Wise seems to really have it in for John McAfee, going back to before April 2010. Jeff’ had just posted to his blog on Nov. 9th calling John McAfee a psychopath … go figure, one day before the murder.

This post on Jeff Wise’s personal blog was done on Friday November 9th 2012 … yes, one day before the murder.

This story by  Jeff Wise at was written November 8, 2012 … the same day John McAfee made a large donation to the San Pedro police … only two days before the murder.