In his first extensive interview since he returned to U.S. soil in December, an animated McAfee agreed to meet a USA TODAY reporter at a nondescript apartment building in southeast Portland last week. For four hours, he explained his innocence, engaged in self-deprecation and eviscerated the news media for what he called exploitation.

mcafeeUSATodayPart Two of the USA TODAY story can be found HERE.


The latest Interview John McAfee gives to Mary Emily O’Hara in the Caribbean pretty much sums things up for now. We want to thank John for including us in the email sent out to a few select people.

Good Luck to both John and Sam … we are still following along and wish you two a safe and happy future.


The second Interview John McAfee gives to Mary Emily O’Hara features McAfee hanging out with Ehren McGehey, who is best known for being shot out of a cannon and having his front tooth yanked out by a car on the MTV series Jackass.

Mary goes on to say that her next Interview takes place outside of the USA, where she meets up with John and Samantha at their new home in a secret location.


McAfee gives an interview with Mary Emily O’Hara where he says the plan is to bring Samantha, Amy, and his other young Belizean girlfriends to Portland so that they can live with him … the girls, as he refers to them, are currently hiding in Guatemala.

John says he has hired a team of lawyers to work on preparing the legal paperwork while he prepares the home nest: “This is a six bedroom place, which will be a little cramped, but we can make it work.” … however later in the week, he reports that the house is a no-go. “I was denied for the house,” he says. “I think it is the press, maybe the notoriety is not working in my favor right now.”


After watching all the news coverage about John McAfee in South Beach … he seems to be standing pat and working on the release of Sam and Amy. The media is reporting that the Belize authorities still want to question John about the murder of Greg Faull. However US authorities are saying John McAfee is not wanted for any crime and is free to carry on with his life. I am sure he is working to help get Sam into the USA.

This unbelievable story has been quite the journey so far … almost surreal, and Mr. John McAfee is likely working on the next chapter right now.




This post by Joel Johnson on is worth breaking out the popcorn for.

Back on Thursday June 21, 2012 The Belize Times ran this article HERE where John McAfee calls Prime Minister Dean Barrow a liar.