Thought I should post pics of the beachfront villa John McAfee owns and lived in the night his neighbour Gregory Faull was murdered … it is the blue houses.

A walk-through video showing the inside of John McAfee’s Oceanfront Estate.

Below is the house next door where Gregory Faull was murdered on the upper floor.

One of the Mansions that went on the chopping block was John McAfee’s 5,800 square Beachfront Estate built on 5.3 acres of Hawaii’s secluded Molokai Island. The home took seven years to build and it was one that he never moved into.

You can view inside of McAfee’s Hawaiian Mansion here.


Well John McAfee sure knew how to spend money … this whopping 10,000 sq. ft. Mansion sits on 280 acres. He spent in excess of 25 million dollars building it and filled it with Mayan Treasures. After he lost his money he had to sell the place for $5.7 million. The guy who bought it was a young business man from Chicago, however he also could not afford it … so it went back on the market for $3.9 million.

The 157 acre property in Rodeo, New Mexico that john McAfee spent $11.5 million to buy and develop. It fetched roughly $1.6 million at auction, including vintage automobiles, ultralight aircraft, multiple runways, 4 aircraft hangars, an outfitter store and a coffee shop cafe … the property is now known as The Painted Pony Resort.




Chiricahua Mountain Outfitters is now closed