Welcome to The United States of America Mr. John McAfee

December 12, 2012 // Interview, John McAfee, USA

John has posted on his blog that he has been expelled from Guatemala … he also speaks with Cory Johnson from Bloomberg.com. His flight to Miami is being reported by other MSM like The CBC in Canada.

And now John has just posted to his blog that he is on a plane to Miami

Update 7:30 pm – The Miami Herald is reporting John McAfee has landed in the USA. ABC News has reported, Immediately upon landing, according to passengers on the plane, McAfee’s name was called and he was whisked off the aircraft. Federal officials escorted John through customs and out a side door, avoiding the view of reporters.

Congratulations John on a hard fought battle back to America … Cheers!




  1. See you in Belize soon John.

  2. i see that mr mcafee is flying economy:(…………and that his prime concern is that of his separation from his 20 year old girlfriend, (and only alibi) sam……will john be able to exert his control over sam from afar?…..will she crack under intense questioning from belizean police?………stay tuned

    • yeah, Sam and the other 1/2 dozen people there that night.

    • yeah, when you’re far from home in some random country that might just sent you back to some other random country where you could potentially get 25 to life and then they offer you to fly you home you’re like “Nah, only gonna do that if it’s at least business class, bitches.”

      smart move.

  3. Sam crack under pressure. ha ha ha your funny. I would not bet on that. Nore would her father crack and give false testimony against john.

    John dont control Sam nore does any one control sam and if they value there balls they know enough To not even try. Sam is not going to ever ditch out on John nore do i think john would ever ditch her. shes one of most valuable assets hes got. true love like that is rare and priceless. She got more fiste in her then 12 Irish red heads combined.

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