What is John McAfee’s Next Plan from South Beach?

December 13, 2012 // John McAfee, USA

After watching all the news coverage about John McAfee in South Beach … he seems to be standing pat and working on the release of Sam and Amy. The media is reporting that the Belize authorities still want to question John about the murder of Greg Faull. However US¬†authorities are saying John McAfee is not wanted for any crime and is free to carry on with his life. I am sure he is working to help get Sam into the USA.

This unbelievable story has been quite the journey so far … almost surreal, and Mr. John McAfee is likely working on the next chapter right now.





  1. Hey bud fantastic blog I ha2ve been following you here and john over at his since day one, what a story.

    Hey John posted his email on his blog in the comment section, I had no reason to email him at the time and didnt take it down, since then the thread post that comment was in was deleted, you know how they do that over there, sucks, anyway, I want to email john and maybe even run this by you, I think it would be a good idea to create a proper VBULL discussion forum so that we can all gather and share ideas and talk with John about this and also as he settles in it would be a place where he can talk about anything and share new ideas etc, you just cant get that sort of dialogue and banter between posters going on a comment section of a blog, do you think this would be a good idea, can you email me johns yahoo address so we can run this by him, the cost is very small to start a forum and we can link to it from here and johns blog and I bet we get several hundred members right aay and we can all sit back and talk to eachother and really starting sharing ideas and diggging for the trth, we just arent egtting anywhere as open dialogue between posters on these comment sections we need a real john mcafee forum like he had a stuffmonger, a forum like that where he can share, where we can all share learn and start to get to the truth oif what is going on, would you please help me in getting this idea to john and help encourage it, I think it would be a great idea and I know for a fact that john LOVES discussion forums so why not have one just for him now is a great time and it will have instant good membership numbers and grow from there!!

    Hit me up on the email addy I have on here and lets talk and email me johns yahoo addy that he posted on his forum but which was deleted when they deleted an entire thread for whateevr reason they do suchthings LOL his email is in several comments over there but its taking me forever to go through each one and dig it up again so if you have it please pass it along I am an ALLY of john and want to help him get the word out and I want us all to be able to share ideas together in a real discussion format.



  2. Unless he becomes invisible, the US government will allow John McAfee to be extradited to Belize. On arrival at the airport he will be “shot while trying to escape”. His fame and notoriety will not protect him – remember Benigno Aquino? The wealthy and powerful corrupt officials who have been sucking the life blood out of Belize for years have too much to lose to let him live.

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